Kick'd Up Cuts Hair Studio

Kick'd Up Cuts Hair Studio

Kick'd Up Cuts is a hair studio that provides numerous services to our clients. From fades to eyebrows, we do it all!

We create a safe space where our clients can feel welcome from the moment they step into the doors. First impressions and experiences are what make memories and we take this into consideration. We honor our clients time both in chair and out. We make sure to provide our clients with the full booking time allotted while in the chair in order to make sure every strand of hair is cut, trimmed, and styled to perfection. By appointment only, through Email as well as Instagram Direct Messaging, we are able to keep our clients on a steady schedule so that nobody has to wait. If a client chooses to come in early or hang around after an appointment, which happens quite often, we provide an enjoyable atmosphere filled with music, video games, television, and great conversation! 

The story of Kick'd Up Cuts and how it formed goes way back to two friends knowing each other since birth. These two friends, some might say brothers, grew up together around the game of soccer, always playing, joking around, and creating a brotherly bond. Both, known for different and unique hairstyle while growing up continued to grow together in the community of Brampton, as well as the soccer community. Eventually, there came a time where these two individuals no longer played on the same team and went on to their own paths, but always manage to stay connected. What tied these two together was always being able to relate to similar interests which was soccer, fashion and new looks/hairstyles, as well as togetherness in family and friends, that sense of growth in a community. Along the way, both showed interest in in cutting hair on their own time and continued to grow their skill set. Reuniting after a numerous amount of years, they decided it was time to take one of their passions more seriously, and opened up a shop.

This is how it all begun, and this is the true identity of the shop and brand. Two brothers set out on a path together that may lead to two trails, but eventually intertwines again. Connection through similar interests in soccer and hairstyles/fashion. This is where you get the birth of "Kick'd Up Cuts" and "Kick'd Up Culture"!  

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