Kick'd Up Culture for Equality Fundraiser

Kick'd Up Culture for Equality Fundraiser

Being from Canada and growing up playing soccer I had opportunities to travel the world and experience a large amount of diversity all over the world. From places in Europe, to the Caribbean, South America, Central American and North America. As much as this sounds amazing, sometimes it was the opposite. For the past 6 years, before coming to the CPL, I was in America. Going to school at Syracuse University and then playing professionally in Philadelphia. Without going to far into it, I am sad to say that I have been subject to racism/inequality just like many of my black brothers and sisters. Even in some of the most diverse countries, inequality and injustice still happen. Whether you are a small child, teenager, adult, collegiate athlete, professional, or entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter. Racism sees no boundaries and hurts all! It’s not something to laugh about or brush off. It sticks with you and builds, and piles on, and has the ability to break. It breaks people, it breaks families, communities, and it breaks the world.


I have thought long and hard about how I was going to approach what has been going on in the world. As someone who is in a position where people are attentive to what I say or do, as well as having a few platforms such as being a professional soccer player as well as an entrepreneur, I wanted to express a few things.


The moment is now. 

The momentum has switched.

CHANGE needs to happen.

It needs to happen now!

I am tired of trying to be accpeted.

I am tired of being pulled over and questioned on my way to practice because of my skin color.

I am tired of receiving looks and being seen as a criminal.

I am tired of living in a society that is set up for my failure.

I am tired of trying to create a better life for my loved ones when it can be torn away at any moment.


But I will never stop fighting! 

So what I ask from you is to help me help the world and those suffering. Help us kick racism out of the world! Help us create equality in all countries. Help us move forward on the path of solidarity and unify the the one race that really matters, the human race. Take the time to learn and educate yourselves as will I. Then create strategies on ways to bring forth positivity on this topic.


This has been going on for years upon years, and decades upon decades, but it has been at a peak as of recently and it makes me sick. It got me thinking and reflecting on my life, both past and present on what I could have done in certain situations in the past and what I could do now in order to create a better future. Not only for me, but for the millions of people who share the same skin color as me that will be born into this world or are already living in it. 


Now, many of you know I have created my own brand/business @kickdupculture . There is a reason I used the word ‘Culture’. To me, the world culture means people coming together for a greater understanding, achievement, or way of life. This is what my business is all about, haircuts and clothing aside, the true goal is to bring people together through subjects that I am passionate about. 


I am passionate about my people, I am passionate about equality, I am passionate about ending racism, and I am passionate about getting justice. My people are hurting, and it is hard to watch this go on time and time again.


With all of this being said, through my business/brand I have started up a fundraiser to help raise awareness, help organizations in a position to make change, and help families who are suffering from these tragedies. All of the donations will be spread out to numerous bail out funds for those who have wrongfully been arrested for peaceful protesting. 


To donate you can go to If you can’t donate, please share this so we can reach a broader audience and continue to create change! Anything helps, get involved.

Stay safe, and remember that YOU matter! 

- Chris Nanco & The Culture 

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